* An improvement and increase in biodiversity.
* Harvesting with the greatest care, in harmony with the biodiversity of nature, human beings and animals.
* An extraordinary vital energy which is recognized in the ingredients.

Biodynamic agriculture stimulates the environment at ground level by increasing the diversity of flora and fauna

To meet the Demeter licensed standards:

Bio-dynamic agriculture stimulates nature at ground level by increasing the diversity of flora and fauna. It makes the soil sustainably fertile and ensures that production is consistent with the natural environment.
The ingredients are grown, harvested and developed with the utmost care in order to capture all their natural energy. In harmony with nature from cultivation to distribution they are subject to Demeter’s strict standards.

Demeter: grown well and produced as well…

Demeter goes hand in hand with its products from the soil to your skin.
Everything that comes from agriculture and from nature is carefully developed in accordance with Demeter’s Standards. This total focus on quality ultimately benefits the consumer.

Demeter: a dynamism

Bio-dynamic farmers use to full effect the force of nature in their products.
They benefit from this energy to improve both the soil and the quality of the plants. Working in harmony with nature, they use bio-dynamic preparations in homeopathic quantities and this generates impressive results at ground level for whatever they grow.
They work in such a way that beneficial insects such as bees have living conditions which suit them.

Demeter: respectful production…

The guidelines for bio-dynamic cultivation and production contribute effectively to the unique quality of DEMETER products.


These bio-dynamic preparations created from certain plants are used in homeopathic doses.
They stimulate the life of the soil, as well as the growth and quality of plants. They constitute a key feature of the quality of the DEMETER method. (See website www.demeter.ch)

Demeter: an agricultural identity

Weather and local conditions are decisive and restrictive factors for bio-dynamic farms, taking into account climatic conditions and their position
Production is a result of these conditions. Cooperation between humans, animals and plants in a closed loop as evolution intended it.

Demeter: natural fertilisers improve soil activity…

Crop rotation, tilling the soil, and natural fertilisers increase the fertility of the land. Composting, paying attention to lifecycles, and bio-dynamic preparations all target major improvements to the soil and to plant growth. (and to maximise the growth of the plants).

Demeter: here we recognise our true nature…

It is possible to measure the life force contained in food. Science has highlighted the subtle differences between Demeter products and those from other sources. Imaging methods used at the cell level have confirmed the extraordinary energy levels of our products.
The findings of a long comparative study about the quality and the composition of soils cultivated using bio-dynamic, organic or traditional methods are revealing. The report proves decisively that biological farming approaches are the optimal way to maximise natural resources.

This report can be consulted and downloaded from the website of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (IRAB/FiBL) at www.fibl.org

BIO SUISSE, in harmony with nature, guarantees products of the highest quality

The flower bud is the logo of Swiss agricultural and horticultural companies that produce according to BIO SUISSE standards.

Principles and commitments:

Bio-organic for the entire agricultural production and development processes

Natural habitats which are diverse for plants and animals.

Animal well-being:
Food and living conditions which are respectful of animals. Plenty of open air and grazing

Protection of resources:
A ban on synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Protecting the soil, water, air and environment.

Resource-careful production without any artificial flavourings or colourings, using only natural products.

Stringent controls, no genetic manipulation, strict regulations for imports.

Guidelines linked to social requirements and to equitable commercial relationships.
Thanks to these principles, Bio Suisse helps restore the natural balance between people, animals and nature.

Bio Suisse is “being in harmony with nature”…

The guiding principle of organic farming is to produce in harmony with nature.

A refusal to use synthetic chemicals helps to strengthen the immune systems of plants and animals. Balance is a very important concept for all relationships in the area concerned.
Even “bad weeds” are part of bio-organic farms. They offer vital resources for beneficial insects and, by covering the ground, they protect the precious fertile humus layer and prevent erosion. Beneficial insects regulate pests and restore the ecological balance. Moreover features that have been recognised as promoters of biodiversity, such as hedgerows and wildflower meadows, form biotopes that preserve rare plants and protect nesting birds

Bio Suisse: specifics of bio-organic…

Holders of a Bio Suisse licence ensure respectful production without any unnecessary additives, i.e. without artificial flavourings or colourings. Their production avoids any addition of artificial vitamins, minerals or artificial sweeteners, as well as any form of genetic engineering.
But the flower bud also represents social and economic fairness It takes into account social demands and restores a fair partnership between farmers, producers and distributors. And in order for this balance to be maintained over time, each year independent agencies check the entire value chain.

Swiss Label represents a sign of quality, safety, professionalism, and reliability for businesses as well as for consumers.

What is the Swiss Label?
The Swiss Label is an agency with origins going back to 1917 renowned for its Swiss goods and services.
The distinctive trademark of Swiss Label is the crossbow. The symbol of Swiss precision work.
Protected in Switzerland and in major export countries,
the symbol of the crossbow is a complement to the Swiss cross as the trademark for «Switzerland». It is a sign of quality, safety, professionalism and reliability for businesses as well as for consumers.

The crossbow, a guarantee of Swiss precision work, has become a leading logo in the marketplace, because it entails a high degree of recognition for quality Swiss products and service, both at home as well as abroad.

To reinforce the awareness of Swiss companies of their own value and to provide marketing support for high-quality Swiss products and services.
To reinforce the image of Switzerland as a major export country that is very active internationally It also underlines the reliance that buyers and consumers place on provenance and quality.

SWISS LABEL has registered a large number of original and protected trademarks in the Trademark Registry at national and international levels. This is the reason why the crossbow is nowadays a protected trademark in several countries.