Delicate Rose Smoothie

Mallow Petal and Rose Facial Balm

Face Balm • 35 ml (1.18 fl. oz.)

A soothing concentrate with the mild scent of rose…
Flowering rich blend of pure delicate rose, fresh malva and bio-dynamic almond oil balsam, patiently infused to restore the skin’s softness and to make the skin silky and smooth.
Used as a complement to the face oils for a delicate and deep massage.

Given their richness, any surplus should be removed from the skin.

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Face Balm • 35ml (1.18 fl. oz.)

Product Code


Skin Type
All skin types

Very good tolerance for all skin types.

Recommended lines by skin type
“ROSEHIP” line recommended for young, combination and normal to oily skin.
“FRESH LAVENDER” line recommended for young, combination, normal and slightly dry skin.
“DELICATE ROSE” line recommended for dry, very dry and mature skin.
Face mask “CHAMOMILE HONEY MASK” recommended for normal, dry, very dry and mature skin.

A rich and sweetly scented blend of roses…

A soothing concentrate of fresh flowers with the mild scent of rose. Confers a sense of well-being and renders the skin silky – smooth.

In order to deliver the force of nature in an undiluted form and ensure that she only uses the highest quality of plants, Tamara Dutta handpicks each flower when it reaches its prime and cares for her plants biodynamically throughout their growth cycle. 

“Less is more”, an infinite source of possibilities …
Throughout the year.
Applied in the evening, it diffuses slowly in to the skin releasing the different essential properties of the plants.
In the day-time, it offers natural protection and incomparable softness.
Confers a sense of well-being and renders the skin silky – smooth.
Feels nourish.

Not an ordinary cosmetic, but rather a high-performance plant-based skin treatment.

Blend of rich pure oils that diffuse slowly on the skin.
Apply on a clean face as often as required, especially after a shower.
Effective, they can be applied during the day or night.
The facial Smoothie Balms, Infusion Oils and the Honey Mask can be combined to suit your skin type and needs.
For best results, to prepare and to absorb the full benefits of your balm, for additional nourishment, complete before with the appropriate facial oil.
Due to its rich consistency, any left-over consistencies should be removed from the skin.

In case of intolerance, discontinue use.

Areas of application
Hands, décolleté, face and neck.
Perfect for soothing dry or dehydrated skin of feet and hands.

Skin application
Massage or local application.
Follow the routine of Tamara Dutta.

Morning and evening, massage a pearl sized amount onto the face, neck and décolleté avoiding the eye area, using the palms of the hands. Moving in a circular motion, start on the cheeks, move up towards and across the forehead and then back again, ending at the neck. Remove excess with a soft towel or lukewarm moistened compress. Do not rub.


Blot off any excess.

Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil***, Cera Alba***, Malva Sylvestris Flower Extract**, Alcohol Denat.*, Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Citronellol, Eugenol, Geraniol
From the plants, no additives or preservatives.
(*Organic, **Bio Suisse, ***Biodynamic)

This skillfully handcrafted product follows the natural rhythm of the seasons. Due to its unique nature, our formula may have to evolve if the climatic conditions render the use of certain products impossible. The list of ingredients set out on the label shall always be the authentic list of ingredients used.

Do not use on pregnant or breastfeeding women, or on children.
Avoid eye area.
In case of contact, rinse with water.
For external use only.

In case of intolerance, discontinue use.

Keep in a cool, dark and dry place.
Once open, store in a cool place.
Use within 3 months.
This 100% natural product may experience variations, but this does not alter the quality.

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